Families must refill their spiritual ammunition depots
by Donald Conkey
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Recently I was asked to speak to the Woodstock Tea Party on the 225th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States, a Constitution that was crafted with divine assistance to protect the “unalienable rights” Thomas Jefferson had embedded in the Declaration of Independence, the document that declared the colonists’ right “to assume among the powers of the earth” to become an independent nation founded on “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

Shortly after this speech the Middle East exploded again, this time using the pretext of a YouTube video to kill an American ambassador and attack American embassies all around the world.

The harsh demands coming from those that have coordinated these attacks is that America must apologize to Islam for making disparaging remarks against their prophet and to prepare to accept Sharia Law.

Over the past 14 years I have written many times of how fleeting freedom is and once it’s gone of how hard it is to regain it.

The scriptures are replete with stories of how nations, when the Lord withdraws his Spirit from that nation and people, it and they then soon self-destruct.

Those of my generation remember well how Hitler promised to restore glory to the German people but then led them into total destruction — in 12 years.

I lived through that war and remember the London Blitz where German bombers bombed London nightly and how Londoners shut off their lights and covered their windows so German pilots couldn’t see where to drop their bombs.

I also remember their songs, written and sung to uplift the people and give them hope that their lights would once again come on and life would return to normal.

When it looked like Hitler would invade England and enslave them, their leader, Winston Churchill, reminded them that they needed to draw from their spiritual ammunition reserves; their faith in God, their scriptures, and to pray daily for God’s help.

It worked. Hitler turned his attention to Russia where he sacrificed millions of his youth for his own self-glory before committing suicide in May 1945.

The lights did come on again but only after millions were killed and nations totally destroyed.

Now another Hitler like madman wants to conquer the world and impose on it his Islamic religion, including Sharia Law.

Can this madman be stopped, as was Hitler? Yes, but only with the help of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and with families arming themselves once again with that spiritual ammunition that was made available during WW II — from God’s handbook for life, the Bible.

During World War II both England and America’s spiritual ammunition depots were refilled on a daily basis with study of the scriptures and daily prayer. Unfortunately those depots that were once refilled on a daily basis are now badly depleted.

How can modern America refill its depleted spiritual ammunition depots in time to ward off the growing attacks on America and its way of life?

Quentin L. Cook recently suggested this refilling begin in our homes.

He said: “While our primary effort must be to seek light and truth, we would be wise to black out from our homes the lethal bombs that destroy spiritual development and growth. Pornography, in particular, is a weapon of mass moral destruction. Its impact is at the forefront in eroding moral values. Some TV programs and Internet sites are equally lethal. These evil forces remove light and hope from the world. The level of [moral] decadence is accelerating. …”

Family Bibles must become more than a mantel decoration — they must become a family’s source of truth and light. And the same tools that bring evil into the home, the TV, computer, and I-pods, can be used to refill a families’ spiritual ammunition depot.

How? By blacking out the pornography and evil available on these gadgets and downloading the family scriptures on them — and having them available throughout the day.

More helpful apps are becoming available daily and should be used by families to refill the family’s spiritual reserves.

I recently downloaded the ‘Gospel Library app’ on my tablet and my scriptures are now always with me — even in the doctor’s offices.

The scriptures are real for me and they can be for every American, especially our children, if they will download their scriptural app into their computers, tablets and I-pods and carry them everywhere they go, then read and ponder them and learn why they are the source of a family’s spiritual ammunition.

Donald Conkey is a retired agricul tural economist in Woodstock.
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September 21, 2012
You have to remember, Conkey is from the Beck wing of the Tea Party. If the facts don't fit the narrative, you just make it up.
Karl Marx
September 20, 2012
Hitler wasn’t really religious unless it suited his political philosophy. He was considered a Catholic because he never officially left church but he never practiced the religion. In private, he considered traditional Christianity a religion fit only for slaves. According to many Nazi reports of the day destruction of the church was a goal after the war. So as it turns out Hitler’s only real religion was himself and in many ways much like Obama's views on religion. (See Jeremiah Wright)
Guy Scarborough
September 25, 2012
Unless I'm mistaken, Rev. Wright is a Christian as well.
Guy Scarborough
September 20, 2012
To what 'Hitler-like madman' is he referring? Romney? Because, wasn't Hitler Christian?
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