Just an opinion on moving forward cooperatively
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Regarding your “Just An Opinion” op-ed in the Aug. 5 Tribune, it does not seem appropriate to just whitewash the filthy politics or one-sided reporting of the Cherokee Tribune in all of this by saying we should all just move forward in the spirit of cooperation.

Your repeated attempts to draw sides by referring to the different viewpoints as “pro-public education” and “pro-charter” just highlight one of the many “opinions spoken as fact” by yourself, Marguerite Cline, Dick Yarbrough, Mike Chapman, Frank and others.

The insinuation being that those of us who support Cherokee Charter Academy do not support public education. Sorry that you wasted hundreds of column-inches on that argument attacking the delegation, Michael Geist, Kim Cochran and others, but it just isn’t true.

The fact is if we didn’t believe we could make a difference in Cherokee County schools, we would have moved out (as Mike Chapman has suggested) or never moved here at all.

If you want to discuss facts, please address the fact that we have a sitting BOE chairperson and other school district employees who directly engaged in a slanderous campaign against our local delegation incumbents and certain school board candidates (surely you noticed the signs “Save Our Schools”, “Boot Chip”, “Dukes Is A Hazard”, “Chip Supports TSPLOST — backed with “Chip Supports Gambling)” ... By ignoring these “facts”, when do you begin to really address all the “facts”?

Oh, but way, you did write a story on the robocall that looked and read suspiciously like Brandon Beach’s narrowly distributed press release on the incident ... “fact”?

In conclusion, there has been much written in the Tribune to support your opinion but little consideration for alternative opinions (some might say facts) that do not reflect well on the district or sitting BOE.

Even the letter from Mr. Conkey, which chided Mike Chapman, spoke well of Frank P. which may be the only reason it got published.

Where is the journalism? Where is the impartiality? Who holds you accountable when you arbitrarily decide what is opinion and fact and what gets reported or not?

Not sure how we can move forward cooperatively with that as an open “opinion” or “fact” ... guess you’ll decide.

Chris and Barbara Knowles

Citizens for Having Options In Children’s Education(CHOICE)

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Senior voter
September 14, 2012
Seems to me that these charter people want all of us to pay for their children's private education. It's like welfare for the kids who couldn't thrive in the regular schools. And then they want us to set up another layer of paid unaccountable government employees doing what our local elected officials do just fine. Seems like a waste to most of us.
Kelly A
August 08, 2012
"Pro charter" does support public education.

The Charter parents I know want ALL Cherokee County children to succeed. They do not wish failure on any school or child.

It does appear that there are many that hope the Charter School fails. I do not understand that type of thinking. This is not a competition of whose school is better, it is an alternative, a choice to make a difference in a child.

All this hate is doing no one any good especially the children of Cherokee County.

Free Advice
August 17, 2012
Chris Knowles makes ignorant, derogatory and slanderous statements about the school district, its superintendent, board members and employees all the time in various public social media outlets, as do several CCA parents (but they are the minority). If the school is going to survive, it would do best to rid itself of its self-selected "leadership" who are doing extensive damage to the school and the charter movement with every passing day.
August 08, 2012
This is some of the most divisive writing I have ever read in a news outlet. What happened to working together to better our community? And working together to ensure that all of our schools in Cherokee are successful?

Mr. Knowles, it is a personal problem if you dislike 'Frank P.' and all things CCSD. Stop the antagonistic writing, learn some manners and perhaps hand the megaphone over to someone who can better work with all community members. You are certainly not doing your cause any favors.
Randon thoughts
August 08, 2012
We have now seen the Chris Knowles and Robert Trim are not men of character. Their words and their actions have shown that they will do anything to get their way. I hope that the charter school people take a look at who their spokespeople are. It won't be long until Ms. Marlow show her true colors also.
Dean Sheridan
August 08, 2012
Now that's calling the kettle black! Shame on you. But of course you already showed your true color yellow, like in the yellow signs I observed with written trash on them around town during election. I don't have a cause; but I do know what's right - that is the kids should come first. Meeting the "Georgia adequate standards" doesn't do it for me and quite a few others. If it does it for you than that's peachy. I can see now, that I'm getting involved unlike many of you who hide behind skirts and no names why people like the Knowles are vocal about progress and unfair bias reporting. Maybe you like being a 5%er in State drop out rate? I do not. Why do we spend 32nd among States and rank there 46? Why is the millage rate maxed out in the County? You voted for it; now you complain.

As to the $$$, from what I do know this County is spending millions on a new schools over at Chapman among other excessive spending projects - when expansion would have been good enough. According to the FED , 61500 students applied for 32000 charter seats in 10' I get it too - any change that deviates from your power base is a threat; even at the expense of our future generations education. You stand on that ground - you will lose every time. One thing no one has mentioned either is that the right to "choose" guarantees your rights too - sending your child to a Public school. I'll bet that never occurred to any of you.
Richard A
August 08, 2012
I have been a subscriber to the Cherokee Tribune for over 30 years and have found the paper to be fair and ethical in its reporting. To question Ms. Johnston's integrity is a sign that the writer does not have a good grip on reality. Someone needs to take his pen away before he does more damage to the charter school movement than he already has done.
Dean Sheridan
August 08, 2012
@Richard To be fair - what effort or contribution have you made to the Charter movement? What contribution have you made in support of anything other than the same old'e same old'e. Maybe people like the Knowles understand (like in the DC school district @ $20,000.00 per child) throwing more money at education doesn't solve the problem.

Why don't you get involved and make a meaningful contribution. Others would very much like to see your skill set; if you have one.
August 08, 2012
Dean, have you looked at the budget the charter school is operating under for this year? $891,000 for management of ONE school? This is OK by conservative or tea party principles? Almost four times what the local school district costs for administration, and for test scores were not any better? Charter Schools USA runs just as many schools as Cherokee county, and their cut is $900-$1,000 per kid at every one of them. It is outrageous.
Differing Opinions
August 08, 2012

1. Change should be negotiated, not imposed.

2. What is your view on the new legislation that "throws" 3.3 times the amount of money at charter schools? Or do you only consider it an issue when we give money to public education?

3. I love how Knowles shows his true hypocrisy in this article. So its bad to insinuate Pro-Charter advocates do not support public education, but it is perfectly okay to say anyone that supports public education is anti-charter.

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