Marlow raging on at board meetings
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With every board meeting since her inauguration, there has been an escalating rancor directed by School Board member Kelly Marlow toward Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Petruzielo.

She appears to have a seething disdain for Petruzielo personally. I can’t nail down exactly what the source of her rage is.

It could be that Petruzielo has not shirked from debate and discourse. It could be that he has a long history of facing off against moneyed interests, most recently out-of-state charter school companies. It could be that time and again he has vigorously defended the teachers and students of Cherokee County.

Regardless of the source of her anger, you can see it shine through in Marlow’s mistaken jab at Petruzielo that he was “out of order.”

Two meetings in a row, Marlow has asked angry questions that she did not understand. Then, when the answer she received was not what she sought, she lashed out.

Two meetings in a row, Marlow was presented with the real challenges that the School Board faces, particularly with regards to funding. These challenges were productively and collaboratively discussed in the work session prior to the actual board meeting.

And at both board meetings, once the cameras were turned on, Marlow’s every action has been to try and paint the superintendent and other stewards of the School District’s resources as wasteful and corrupt.

Two meetings in a row, Marlow has asked questions to which she should have known the answer. Both meetings, she was reminded that the question that she asked was covered in her training. The questions were examples of blind rage. By blind, I mean uninformed.

The rage speaks for itself. Marlow summed up the entire problem when she declared mid-tantrum: “I don’t even know what my role is.”

If you would like to watch the board meeting to see for yourself, there is a link to the video at cherokee.k12

John Carter

Ball Ground

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Huge yawn
March 28, 2013
The movie "John Carter" was a box office flop and so is this lame editorial!
Enough is Enough!
March 27, 2013
If Ms. Marlow has any sense of dignity she should step down and resign her seat on the BOE! It’s very obvious after only three meetings that she has little to no control over her emotions coupled with an agenda to bring harm to our school district. This will not end well for Ms. Marlow should she continue on this path of destruction. People are still talking about the school board member that had to be recalled almost 15 years ago. She appears to be the type of person that craves attention but she needs a serious lesson in avoiding negative attention especially when she could be responsible for the school district of 39,000 children losing accreditation. If that happens she will have a lot of angry parents against her.
mom of 4
May 16, 2013
No she has enough guts to try to shut down Mr.P and his greedy pockets. When Mr.P tells students parents that he does not have to talk to them and when Mr.Mike Chapman emails me and tells me if I don't like the way my CHILD IS NOT being taught at the school system I can find another place to take my child then WE THE PARENTS GOT SICK OF THIS KIND OF ACTION MR.P GOD AND WE VOTED FOR CHARTER SCHOOLS. So yes Mr.Mike Chapman we the parents did find another means for our children and it is the means called CHARTER SCHOOLS!!!!
Predictably Lame
March 27, 2013
Once again, another teacher makes a Shoot The Messenger post of negativity towards the one board member actively seeking to prevent furloughs.

Once again, another teacher bends over backwards to excuse the fiscal shenanigans of the very superintendent who's working so hard to protect bureaucracy at the expense of more furlough days.

Once again, another teacher furthers negativity rather than providing a single ounce of solution to the problem.

Once again, another lame, predictable response from a teacher with Stockholm Syndrome.

Once again, another teacher who worships the central fatcat govt bureaucrat - an unelected contractor - and who showers disdain onto the very idea that an elected official would try to get some fiscal accountability.

Once again, another teacher begging to be seen by the district as protecting it whilst heaping abuse onto the very idea of republican democracy. How dare this elected official attempt to do her job! HAIL TO THE KING!

Had our forefathers been more like this 'John Carter', we'd all be drinking tea and singing God Save The Queen, rather than dare to offend the monarchy of George III.

BOE needs HELP
March 29, 2013
Wonderfully put.
March 27, 2013
So much for Marlow mending fences! She is obviously out to burn bridges instead. I don’t understand how the people of her district thought she would be the better choice for school board but then I remember that the same voters elected Brian Poole, enough said!
dr p beatdown
March 27, 2013
There is no doubt the superintendent needs to be challenged after having a rubber stamp BOE for so long. But if one decides to take him on, that person better have extensive knowledge of a given topic or expect to be publicly humiliated as is happening with Miss Marlow at every meeting. Marlow needs to shed her puppeteer (watch video of meetings if you don't know who pulls her strings) and start thinking for herself if she is indeed capable of doing so. Otherwise county residents are in for an ongoing beatdown with Dr. P increasing his power over BOE decisions.
Respect for Dr. P
March 27, 2013
I don't understand the continued attacks to Dr. P, I see a man that has turned our school district around to be an award winning district from one that was close to losing accreditation from SACS! I have nothing but respect and admiration for Dr. P for his accomplishments.
Concerned Resident
March 27, 2013
Kelly Marlow has publically stated in writing that she would never allow her children to attend school in the Cherokee County School District so will someone please explain how her motives could possibly be pure to serve on a school board she refuses to send her own children to.

Kelly Marlow claims to be bold! I see her as disrespectful, disruptive, destructive and completely uninformed. At last month’s BOE meeting she tried to table a motion for a field trip because she was under the assumption that the school district paid for the field trips with our tax dollars. How is it possible that she did not know that the children and their parents paid the costs of every field trip themselves? I don’t have any children, yet I know that. Maybe Ms. Marlow should take the time to educate herself by reading the newspaper once in a while before sticking her foot in her mouth.

Terry T
March 27, 2013
The Cherokee County School District goes out of their way to be transparent to taxpayers. The condensed version is available on line and the full version is available for anyone to view at the front desk of the administration offices. What Ms. Marlow is suggesting would increase the work load of an already burdened administrative staff and it would be redundant as the information is already available to the public. Does Ms. Marlow support raising taxes to hire additional staff to handle the additional busy work she is proposing?

What I would like to know is why Ms. Marlow does not hold CCA to the same standards as CCSD especially when it comes to transparency with financial information with our tax dollars. After all Ms. Marlow's children attend CCA not CCSD!

March 27, 2013
Kudos, Mr. Carter. I just spent the last 45 minutes watching the video you provided in the paper, and 'disappointed' doesn't even begin to describe my thoughts. As a longtime resident of Cherokee, with grown children that attended CCSD schools before Dr. Petruzielo's presence, I can ASSURE you that his leadership has led the district out of mass chaos and into many successes. I don't believe he is perfect, and understand that some find him abrasive. However, a quick watch of this Board Meeting should be enough for anyone to see who the arrogant, rude 'button pusher' was here (new board member, Kelly Marlow).

Here's a word of advice, Mrs. Marlow, from a grandmother with children in CCSD schools. Sit down, close your mouth, and learn Roberts Rules of Order before trying to throw them around. Looks like you should have paid better attention at the GSBA training that you so vehemently opposed.

I am hopeful that there will be a recall before SACS snoops around in Cherokee once again.
CC Voter
March 27, 2013
"I don't even know what my role is." should not come out of an elected officials mouth ever. I am very concerned as I voted for Ms. Marlow based on what she promised to do when I met her this summer. I have no problem with her asking questions and challenging the status quo; however, she seems intent on trying to make a fool out of Dr. P and staff when the exact opposite is happening. She is the fool in this situation. At this very same meeting, there was a discussion about privitizing the custodial staff. So with the prospect of 300 people losing their jobs, Ms. Marlow quibbles over the cost of an agenda item that was approved in last year's budget.

I will attend the next board meeting and see for myself what is going on.

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