Thanks to Marlow for education stance
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I have been a parent in Cherokee since 1990 and have had a child in a public school somewhere in the county ever since. I’ve experienced the good, the bad and, recently, the ugly.

I had a child in ninth and 11th grades when Dr. Petruzielo was hired and another one who had yet to start school. Our county had some educational issues and Dr. P was hired to “clean things up.”

Times changed. Over a decade later we have new serious problems. Every year the budget gets worse. The board cuts, and cuts more. Many of the educational benefits my older children received are no longer available. We have furlough days which our children are not educated. The BOE is talking about outsourcing non-certified employees, leaving many unemployed or without insurance.

Our school budget is in crisis no different than our federal government. Citizens and legislators are reviewing and questioning expenses to find the unnecessary expenses.

We have a new school board member who is trying to find those expenses in past CCSD budgets. She is doing this to restore our county’s education to what it once was — a full school year, no furlough days.

It is the very people (just a few but very loud ones) that she is trying to help that insult her. Dr. Petruzielo is setting the example of no respect, which his beloved followers (and employees) imitate.

What is wrong with asking questions? Why is it wrong to know why one expense is more important than one furlough day? I along with many others would love to know the answers.

Is Dr. P. angry that Cherokee Charter has opened and successfully educates students, so angry that he cannot control himself and listen to someone with a different opinion?

Dr. Petruzielo did the job he came here to do. If he is not able to respect other opinions and honestly look at options other than cutting salaries or jobs, it is time to cut his job.

Eliminating things like his car allowance will add up and restore our school year. We used his strengths and now we need new strengths. As parents, we have listened to him for years and are getting nowhere.

Thank you Kelly Marlow for standing up for the children of Cherokee. With your help we will find the funds to restore a full year of education.

Kelly Anfuso


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Concerned Parent
April 26, 2013
I feel like anyone that is on the CCSD board but kids go to CCA is just trying to cause problems. Oh wait...that's Ms. Marlow. I agree with other posts there are ways to go about asking questions. Arguing and getting mad isn't the way to go. I for one think CCSD needs some sort of change, and I disagree with the CCA strictly because it is a FOR-PROFIT COMPANY...not a school.
CC Voter
April 01, 2013
There is nothing wrong with asking questions if it can be done in a couteous manner and the answer listened to. When Mrs. Marlow asked the questions, she didn't like the answers so she went on the defensive. She needs to learn how her tone of voice and body language are all part of how one communicates. I disagree we are getting nowhere. CCSD is the envy of many other counties in the state. Budget issues are not unique to CC or the fault of Dr. P. He also takes the furlough days (unpaid days) and the eliminations of his car allowance would not make a dent in repairing the budget.

One question for Ms. Anfuso, where do your children attend school now?
Clark Blackwell
April 01, 2013
I happen to work in an industry that was hit harder, sooner, and deeper than public education. I was obligated to give up my car allowance ( which was less than half Dr P's) in early 2009. It's astounding and disturbing that we finally have a school board member with the guts to ask tough questions yet that person is being publicly decried as a hotheaded nut. Thank you, Ms. Marlow.
Amelia T
March 31, 2013
What's wrong with her questions?? Well at the month before her big issue was to table the field trip approval because it didn't have the amount. Is she really that out of touch that she doesn't realize the parents pay the expenses?? This month she wanted to change a board policy for no other reason than to try and excuse her lack of preparation. The changes made absolutely no sense. She wasted time on this when bigger issues were discussed earlier. She wanted to complain about GSBA but they are the ones that train board members. Maybe she is unclear about the rules because she hasn't completed her training. Once she has attended all of the GSBA training I hope she has a better understanding of her role and why GSBA is so important. Although I find that hard to believe since her only reason for being on the school board is to cause problems because they didn't approve the charter school. There were HUGE problems with that charter application that they refused to fix. The first being it was run by a for profit company. Why doesn't she quit and go be on the board for CCA. Her kids don't attend CCSD schools, they attend CCA. Her time would be better spent helping that school. People wonder why others have no respect for her? Well people don't just give respect. She has to earn it and she is failing miserably with her latest escapades.
Isnt It Obvious
March 31, 2013
Of course Frank Petruzielo sets the example of "no respect". What else would one expect from a person who clearly has so LITTLE self-respect?

In this age of ObamaCare and an Obesity Epidemic, it's shameful that the contracted leader of our county's educational system and over 38,000 children is himself so sadly, moribundly obese. What sort of example does this set for our children?

Is this what we've allowed our district to come to? To be led by some appointed, overweight, self-hating, angry contractor that heaps abuse onto the very elements of our political system that make America great? Why do we allow a fat dictator who spits in the face of representative democracy?

For shame!
April 01, 2013
1)You can spot the wrong side of an argument when in print, the critic resorts to fat jokes.

2)Dr. P is not in fact appointed. The people of Cherokee County elect the board members who in turn elect the superintendent. It's a parliamentary system. It is interesting that once again, Dr. P's detractors struggle with the parliamentary process.

3)What does Obamacare have to do with it? Putting Obama's name next to Dr. P's does not in fact make them related.
Not A Joke If True
April 02, 2013
The fact that one must point out that the Obesity Epidemic leads to increased healthcare costs and that ObamaCare is the healthcare of the future illustrates how profoundly naive the pro-district crowd is...and how far they're willing to bend over to excuse excess in all areas of the district.

The superintendent is an appointed contractor. The superintendent leads by example. The example he's leading with is that it's OK to be grossly overweight and extremely rude to the people who appoint him...when, in fact, this leads to increased healthcare costs for everyone and a general sense that being an arrogant dictator is OK.

Bending over this far to bury one's head in the sand can't be good for your back either. That will also lead to increased healthcare costs!
Karl Marx
April 02, 2013

No Dr. P is not appointed but also is he NOT elected by the elected Board of Education or anyone else. He is hired by the elected Board of Education members and given a contract for employment which was recently renewed. Dr. P is just a hired employee and nothing more.

Trim the budget
March 31, 2013
Maybe the Board is annoyed because the questions she is asking have already been asked. The problems are already well known. Maybe instead of asking questions that she should already know the answer to, she should start offering solutions.
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