Obamacare waking nation to dangers of enslavement
by Donald Conkey
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“Is America being re-enslaved?” Some will ask how I could ask such a question.

They will say America is the freest country in the world. I would answer: It’s easy to ask this question because the evidence I see all points in the same direction—that America is being re-enslaved by its own government.

The evidence is not just the fulfillment of biblical prophecy but it includes watching secular history being re-enacted right before my eyes, and for all others who are not afraid to look at the evidence there to see.

After looking at the evidence, I often reread Jefferson’s counsel to us for our day, counsel found in paragraph two of his Declaration of Independence where his warning words read “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive” to the principles of freedom the Founders gave America in its foundational documents and lead to “a long train of abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism (slavery), it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Jefferson’s words describe well the “Usurpations” the current administration is using to reduce America into poverty, fundamentally changing it from the freest nation in the world to just another third world elitist enslaved nation.

Yes, these are strong words. But the evidence is obvious: the political divide, confusion and chaos amongst America’s elected leaders; a nation mired in a $17 trillion debt; food credit card riots ready to happen; and the botched introduction of Obamacare that even has Obama’s Democrats now wanting to delay its introduction.

Obamacare is a program designed to destroy not only the best medical system in the world but the nation itself. No nation has ever survived corrupt leadership for long.

A corrupt Obamacare program and administration is waking up those Americans lulled to sleep by our Pied Pieper president and are now beginning to realize they have been lied too — across all generations.

America began losing its world leadership edge when it removed God’s handbook of freedom, the Judeo/Christian Bible, from its classrooms and legal system. This was the beginning of America’s re-enslavement.

This Judeo/Christian Bible, contrary to what progressives would have Americans believe, was the singular most influential book in not only creating America, but in nurturing America to it world leadership role and being capable of stopping the spread of Nazism and Communism from spreading worldwide, enslaving the world under ‘Ruler’s Law — as America’s progressives espouse today.

There are few of us left today who lived through those days when America wondered if it would even remain a free nation.

Early in October, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, standing only on principle, tried to inform an uniformed America about the dangers of Obamacare and of raising the debt limit. What happened to them reminded me of the words found in Luke 23:21, words that read “… crucify him, crucify him,” and similar to what some locally have done to one of their own.

Any time anyone dares stand against the enthroned establishment they run the risk of being crucified. Ironically though, those that cried “crucify him” the loudest, Obama’s fellow Democrats and the pitiful main stream media, are now leading the charge to delay Obamacare — why, because when the people find out what this monstrous Obamacare will do to them, they, the elected officials, fear they will be thrown out of office.

The incident in Washington, D.C., reported last week on The Blaze, where 30 DC police invaded the home of a local businessman, reminded me of how Hitler’s Storm Troopers invaded the homes of anyone suspected of being a Jew and then sent them to the gas chambers, without trial — 6 million of them.

Other evidence, if needed, would include the harassment of veterans at their World War II monument and closing of national parks. Is it unreasonable to believe this administration’s goal is a world government governed by the elite, the same elite that enslaved millions throughout history? No!

America was created by the shedding of blood as was ancient Israel. We all hope blood won’t be needed to return America to sanity, and freedom.

And with “crucified leaders” like Cruz and Lee, the Washington establishment can be broken and they, as did Christ, provide the leadership to an America, hopefully wanting to return to those foundational principles that made America great, those principles found in its biblically inspired ‘Foundational Documents.’

Donald Conkey is a retired agricultural economist in Woodstock.
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Patrick Thompson
November 11, 2013
Conkey, for someone who made their living and retirement off the taxpayer and now rails against government is strange indeed. Also, which Bible are we taking as the "one" for guidance, King James or Conkey's Mormon Bible or another? We are fighting the Taliban everywhere only to have Conkey's American Taliban established here in the U.S.? Jefferson used every Holy book available to him, including the Koran, to develop the Constitution. His personal library, including the Koran, was donated to the Library of Congress and is there for all those with an open mind to see today. Freedom of religion and freedom from theological persecution was and continues to be a major factor why people come to our free country. Why would any Christian man call for shedding of your countrymen's blood as a way of solving differences instead of working with your government and neighbor - a way that would truly honor Christ's work and God's commandments. Comparing stooges like Rand, Cruz and Lee to Christ is sacrilege while supporting the likes of them shows your interest in an America led only by a corporate elite.
Duane Shippy
November 10, 2013
It would be a significant rewrite of history to say this country and our founding documents, starting from the mayflower compact, aren't entrenched in Biblical teaching. Our legal system is based on Gods judicial system outlined in the Bible. The 10 commandments are eteched into the walls of the supreme court. All of our founding fathers knew more about the Bible than the average pastor today. Our early presidents were experts in theology and that permeated their speeches and guided their leadership. We should not fear the truth taught in the Bible.
November 07, 2013
Donald, you consistently provide entertainment in your insanity.
Tommy Jefferson
November 07, 2013
America got more of its ideas of government from ancient Greece, Rome, and the British parliament than from the Bible.

The Bible makes it clear: Obey your earthly kings and 'give to Caesar what is Caesar's' (i.e. be quiet and pay your taxes).

Our forefathers revolted against these exact Biblical ideals. That's not a 'progressive' thought - that's American history.

keep the Bibles in church and out of the classroom. But return to teaching real American history.

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