Cherokee is paying cost of Marlow
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After attending our last school board meeting, I was once again reminded of the discourse and general damage that Cherokee County Board of Education District 1 Rep. Kelly Marlow is doing to our public school system.

After scathing remarks concerning the PTA organization on a public forum website, the president-elect of the Georgia PTA was compelled to attend and speak to the virtues of that wonderful organization. She then asked that detrimental remarks be removed from public forums and asked for an apology for them. Of course, she got neither from Ms. Marlow.

Next came the March of Dimes reps to the podium to thank the school district for their continued support. Ms. Marlow chose again to grandstand by blind-siding them with unsubstantiated questions about experiments on unborn and aborted fetuses, embarrassing most everyone attending. You could have heard a pin drop.

I am outraged by the decision of Gov. Deal’s panel not suspend her when they had the chance last month. Unfortunately, politics seemed to once again trump doing what is right.

Ms. Marlow’s Teflon-coated behavior goes unpunished yet again. That should say volumes to everyone concerned. The parents of Cherokee County public school kids should be very concerned.

Unfortunately, all of us continue to pay the price for her actions. We pay through the cost of convening the state review committee, the costs already associated with her felony charges by our police department, the court system’s grand jury, the audit teams returning to re-explain our finances to her and the costs of ethics hearings that found that she violated ethics codes.

Thousands and thousands of our tax dollars have already been wasted because of her outlandish behavior. Who knows what kind of huge tab the county will rack up on her felony court case in the coming year or two?

What actually alarms me the most is the reality that we have only experienced 10 months of Marlow’s four-year term of office. Whatever the final costs are involving all of her various current issues, it will surely pale in comparison to what it will cost all of us and our public school kids if she is allowed to stay in office another 3+ years.

You can take that to the bank.

Dave Reed


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December 21, 2013
Couple of things nickels,

Just because Google produces a blog doesn't mean it is info worth studying. The internet is a big place full of facts as well as tea bag crazy mouth.

The MY tax dollar talking point is a tired one. I don't want MY tax dollars providing clean water to you so that you can brew your crazy mouth tea. But it does, and I've made my peace with that.

Most importantly, no tax dollars are going to the March of Dimes, or any other charity through CCSD. That is just another example of Marlow spewing lies. It was an optional fundraiser in some of the schools.

Lastly, I will promise not to try to think for you, if you will make a greater effort to actually think for yourself.
December 21, 2013

Working together for stronger healthier babies.


We help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.

Marlow has the tact of Mike Tyson. The crap that comes out of her mouth is always negative and people think this is ok. Picking on the March of Dimes REALLY?? What an idiot. Having seen the good March of Dimes does it is clear to me they are a great organization. I can Google anything AND ALWAYS find two sides to every story. Neither or both stories could be right. One thing is for sure “don’t believe everything you read”.

As far as the 2 year called Marlow goes,,, think North Korea.

Walk Of Nickels
December 20, 2013
Anyone who does a small amount of Google internet research using the search terms 'March of Dimes aborted fetuses' will discover MOD's decidedly-pro-choice history and how it differs from the Pro Life movement.

As a pro-life conservative, I'm against our superintendent and the district using MY tax dollars to support an organization like the March Of Dimes, an organization that is decidedly pro-choice. Unfortunately, my Board representative sat quietly during this portion of the meeting. This silence will be remembered when they come up for re-election.

Seeing how decidedly conservative Cherokee County is, I wonder how many of our citizens are aware that our tax dollars are being given to a pro-choice, pro-abortion charity, all with the blessings of the superintendent?

A better idea is to let we the people keep this portion of our tax $$$ and donate to the charity of our choice. We do not need the superintendent to think for us.

Thanks to Marlow for bringing this to light.

Josh Markham
December 20, 2013
@March of Nickels,

Please outline exactly what tax dollars are given to MOD. Ms. Marlow complained about MOD as a fundraiser, which parents can opt not to participate in. If you have info that the rest of us don't then please share.

You do realize that the Superintendent did not vote to support March of Dimes, right? He doesn't get to vote on anything, actually. If you are unhappy with the Superintendent then be unhappy about something he actually does.

You are right that Cherokee is conservative. However, not all conservatives approve of Ms. Marlow's actions, behaviors, and words. I am glad she makes you happy, though.


Josh Markham

PS- This is my real name.
Barbara Gray
December 20, 2013
Any relative of premature babies knows the wonderful work the March of Dimes has done in preserving life. There are no tax dollars involved in this partnership, only donations are accepted. As a pro-life conservative, you should be thankful that this wonderful organization does such good work at no cost to you. Shame on you and Marlow for telling such lies.

David R
December 21, 2013
A: The superintendent has nothing to do with any "contributions" and none are mandatory.

B: No one is using ANY tax dollars to support them.

C: NONE of our citizens are aware that our tax dollars are being given to them because WE DON'T GIVE THEM ANY TAX DOLLARS.

Holly Jones
December 21, 2013
Obviously Walk of Nickles wasn't at the meeting when this was discussed. Otherwise he/she would know that the partnership with March of Dimes is a fundraiser through the schools. Students and their families can choose to donate to this charity not, as the comment suggests. Thus, neither the superintendent nor the district is using any of HIS or HER tax dollars to support the wonderful work of the March of Dimes. Neither is the Super thinking for anyone, although based on Walk's comment, perhaps someone should, in his/her case.
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