Moore loses District 22 seat: Two challengers head to a runoff
by Joshua Sharpe
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Meagan Biello, right, and Jessica Carter study the early voting numbers, while Biello’s father Jeff Wilbur, center back, talks on the phone at Provino’s on Tuesday.<br>Staff/C.B. Schmelter
Meagan Biello, right, and Jessica Carter study the early voting numbers, while Biello’s father Jeff Wilbur, center back, talks on the phone at Provino’s on Tuesday.
Staff/C.B. Schmelter
Wes Cantrell, right, and supporters, from left, Steve Hartung, Shane Eller and Nick Carberry, study the election numbers at Cantrell’s campaign manager’s home on Tuesday.<br>Staff/C.B. Schmelter
Wes Cantrell, right, and supporters, from left, Steve Hartung, Shane Eller and Nick Carberry, study the election numbers at Cantrell’s campaign manager’s home on Tuesday.
Staff/C.B. Schmelter
CANTON — State Rep. Sam Moore (R-Macedonia) narrowly lost his seat in the Georgia House of Representatives in the primary Tuesday, but neither of his challengers pulled enough votes to avoid a runoff.

With 2,995, or 38 percent of the vote, Woodstock pastor Wes Cantrell came in first in the race for the District 22 seat, with Meagan Biello, a Cherokee school teacher, trailing not far behind, unofficial results showed Tuesday night.

Cantrell and Biello will now face each other in the July 22 runoff.

Biello got 2,505 votes, or 32 percent of the 7,877 ballots cast in the three-county race, results showed.

Moore trailed just behind Biello with 2,377 votes, or 30 percent of the vote, for the seat covering large parts of Cherokee and Forsyth counties, along with a small piece of Fulton.

With first place in hand, Cantrell said he was ready to move on to the runoff.

“We feel great,” said Cantrell, 52, a young adult pastor at First Baptist Woodstock. “It’s quite encouraging. We definitely have the momentum; we’re going to continue to grow on that.”

He said he was looking forward to a positive race.

Biello also feels good about her chances in the runoff.

“Everyone is pumped to see this thing through,” said Biello, 32, a teacher at Creekview High School. “I feel confident that we have good momentum. I guess one advantage I have as a teacher is that I have all summer to be out knocking on doors.”

Moore couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday night.

The 38-year-old Georgia Tech graduate took office in mid-February after beating Biello in a runoff to replace the late Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Canton), who died of leukemia last year. Moore won that race by about 400 votes.

His brief tenure was quickly troublesome, with many of his colleagues spurning him for a bill they said would be a huge danger to children, allowing sex offenders to lurk around schools and other places with kids, as an unintended consequence. Moore, though, maintained that the bill was misunderstood and that it was lied about by his political opponents.

He was later ranked dead last in the Georgia Chamber’s scoring of state lawmakers’ voting records on pro-business measures. Moore also took issue with that distinction.

The candidates were running for the Republican nomination in the November general election, though no candidates from outside the GOP signed on to run, meaning that the runoff will decide the district’s new representative.

Meanwhile, all of Cherokee County’s other representatives in the state Legislature won re-election unopposed Tuesday. They included Reps. Michael Caldwell (R-Woodstock), Scot Turner (R-Holly Springs), Mandi Ballinger (R-Canton), John Carson (R-Marietta), and Sens. Brandon Beach (R-Alpharetta), Bruce Thompson (R-White) and John Albers (R-Alpharetta).

Other unopposed incumbents heading back to office were Chief Superior Court Judge Jackson Harris, State Court Judge Alan Jordan and Cherokee Solicitor General Jessica Moss.

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May 21, 2014
Intelligent people who have put much thought into it, do not refer to the pariahs listed on the criminal governments' Sex Offender Registries as "sex offenders". The simple reason is that if a person is not committing sex offenses, then the person is not a "sex offender". It is exactly the same case that I can call many supporters of the Registries "liar" today. However, if they stop lying, then I should not call them "liar" any longer. And it would be beyond stupid to call them "liar" a decade after they have last lied.

The other reason that the term "sex offender" should not be used is because it is a weapon of hate used by the terrorists who support the Registries. They love that their criminal governments have given them a convenient label that they can stick on people and then apply all sorts of immoral, illegal, un-American actions against them. Intelligent people who have thought about it do not use the term.

I propose that we use the term “PRHRP” - Person Registered for Harassment, Restrictions, and Punishment.
May 22, 2014
Sam Moore, as a young legislator, showed no tact by running his mouth with dribble in his first MONTH in office. IT DOES NOT MATTER if he meant something besides what was intended; he defended sex offenders and as a card carrying member of the RNC I'm glad to see the fringe Sam Moore get elected out.
May 23, 2014
Drew778: The comment to which you responded was not about Sam Moore. What the comment did say was that intelligent people do not use the phrase "sex offender" to refer to a person who is listed on a Sex Offender Registry and then you immediately did just that. Hmmm.

I agree with you that Republicans see people who are interested in liberty, such as Sam Moore, as the "fringe". Republicans are big government. And there is nothing that is more nanny big government than the Sex Offender Registries. The only thing I don't understand about you big government people is how is it that you have failed to get the rest of your Registries created and why you refuse to pay for your big government. Why must we be so broke and in debt? If you people want nanny big government, just figure out how to pay for it.
May 21, 2014
Meagan Biello is a liar so people should probably not vote for her. Her web site said of Sam Moore, "His legislation, H.B. 1033, would have ended loitering laws, protected potential criminals and allowed convicted sex offenders into our schools, parks and playgrounds." That is a blatant lie. But people who LOVE to say "sex offenders!!!!" eat lies up. So it worked for her.

And of course Biello and the rest of the "sex offender" liar crowd don't seem to be the least concerned about anyone except "sex offenders" loitering or being anywhere. Just for a simple example, they are fine with people who have shot children hanging around schools. Heck, we can't even be bothered enough to make a simple glorious Registry for them. The Sex Offender Registries are such wonderful public safety tools and work so well that it is simply AMAZING and BEYOND BELIEF that we do not Register people who shoot people. I suppose because shooting someone is not as dangerous as exposing your genitals to them.

The fact of the matter is that the "sex offender" crowd are liars. The main reason the Sex Offender Registries and Witch Hunt exist has nothing to do with "public safety", "protecting children", or any of those other lies. It does have a heck of a lot to do with big government, government jobs, and hate though.
Tin Foil Collecter
May 21, 2014
And we see the type of person who supported Sam Moore right there with ieee. Strawman arguments and paranoid delusions.

Alex Jones is calling and wants his tin foil back.

I don't live in Cherokee but I am familiar Mr. Moore because of his ridiculous attempt to do away for the loitering and prowling law. For the tin foil crowd, ala ieee look it up. 16-11-36. Look at subsection b.

Then get a clue.


May 22, 2014
Tin Foil Collecter: Sorry, it is you who needs to get a clue.

I was not taking any position on "loitering" or Sam Moore's bill per se. I was attacking liars (like Biello) who attempted to use "sex offenders" to attack Mr. Moore and his bill. Bielo's website says that Moore's bill would have "allowed convicted sex offenders into our schools, parks, and playgrounds". That is a blatant lie. People who are listed on Sex Offender Registries have no restrictions whatsoever about going "into our schools, parks, and playgrounds". Therefore, there is no way that Moore's bill could have "allowed" that, it was never prevented in the first place.

All this "sex offender" blabbing was just a red herring. Further, there is a law about listed people (a.k.a. "sex offenders") loitering at those locations but that law is not needed for "sex offenders" any more than it is needed for anyone else. And it is beyond idiotic to think otherwise.

The Sex Offender Witch Hunt is immoral, un-American, and idiotic. People who think the Registries are working are idiots. And politicians who lie about "sex offenders" in order to try to give themselves some political gain are immoral scum.

I don't know much about Mr. Moore so I can't really say that I support him. But I sure as hell do not support nanny big government. You people who do need to try to pay for it.
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